There is no universal mattress suitable for everyone without distinction; there are different product categories, within which there are many proposals to respond optimally to everyone’s needs. The choice of the best mattress, therefore, is an absolutely personal matter, and we invite you to dedicate all the time necessary to select this very important support in one of our stores.

The bearing capacity of the mattress in the store can be influenced by s.ome variables, such as:

  • Temperature: the temperature differences between the showroom and the home environment can result into a difference in softness and esponse, especially for those products that use heat-sensitive . materials (memory foam);
  • Size: the single size mattress is slightly stiffer than the double size one;
  • Coating: Dolcenotte covers have different characteristics from each other also in terms of softness, so is admissible a minimum difference in product feeling;
  • Bed system: bedsteads in stores may be different from the one used at home, resulting in a difference of the responding characteristics of the product.

For all our products we use materials technically defined elastic or resilient, which therefore means they can admit certain tolerances. The occurrence of differences, even minimal, between products tested in stores and the same models delivered at home could happen and is to be considered tolerable.

Dolcenotte ensures the compliance of both the characteristics of materials and the finished product, as well as the utmost professionalism and reliability in the making process